museSalon Collaborative

We create and host cross-disciplinary salons for the arts and culture sector.



Muse Salon Collaborative provides a platform for artists and arts organizations to collaborate and foster cultural sustainability through active membership, discourse, and shared resources. Artists, cultural producers, and thought-leaders of all disciplines come together in a local salon across the globe to discuss current events, brainstorm solutions, initiate collaborative projects and build community.


We host salons (a forum for inspiration and discourse) not only within the arts, but across fields. Salons are held in-person and/or online.  Please contact us to schedule a salon series with your organization and/or community.

Malesha believes in you, especially if you believe in you. What she does with that belief is to bring people together to explore how they congeal deeper levels of understanding and things to share.
— Samuel Reynolds (writer, business owner)

We use creativity to address inequity, and art as a tool for activism.