“Malesha believes in you, especially if you believe in you. What she does with that belief is to bring
people together to explore how they congeal deeper levels of understanding and things to share.”
— Sam Reynalds, Business Owner
“Her knowledge of event planning and expertise in panel discussions was a huge advantage to our entire company. She put this skillset to work in order to help demystify the art world through organized panels featuring a variety of creative professionals conducive to educating the public on our regular exhibitions.”
— Paul Ecdao, Co-Owner/ Thumbprint Art Gallery

Consulting Services

  • PROGRAMS: (Arts Education/Enrichment, Curriculum Development, Training)

  • WRITING : Blogging, Essays, Content Curation

  • EVENTS: Curation and Management

  • MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS: Branding, Press Releases, Social Media, Newsletters

  • AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT: Arts Engagement / Community Care Projects