museSalon Collaborative

We create and host cross-disciplinary salons for the arts and culture sector.



Muse Salon Collaborative provides a platform for artists and arts organizations to collaborate and foster cultural sustainability through active membership, discourse, and shared resources. Artists, cultural producers, and thought-leaders of all disciplines come together in a local salon across the globe to discuss current events, brainstorm solutions, initiate collaborative projects and build community.


Become a Member!


Become a Member!


Are you an artist new to LA/San Diego area and looking for a supportive network to belong to?  Do you have great collaborative ideas and want to work with others in the community?  Join the collaborative!


For $30.00 per month, you receive . . .

1. Complimentary attendance to any community forum we host

2. Unlimited access to members-only, Google Hangout co-working

3. A 30 minute personal business coaching session per month


We are a growing international network of artists and cultural workers of color that are working together to build a better future for the arts, our families and our communities.  

"The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is- it's to imagine what is possible." - bell hooks    (619) 732-6588